Team La Perla will have a branch in Bayamón

Team La Perla, directed by coach Gabriel Lamastús, which started three years ago with a gym located in that neighborhood of San Juan, is now going to have a branch.

“We are going to open another gym, in Barrio Nuevo, Bayamón,” said Lamastús, “which is going to be called Barrio Nuevo Boxing.”

“I have a friend who had a property — a hardware store — that closed after Hurricane Maria, and now we are going to use that space for a gym, which I am going to manage as well.”

“That’s not about making money, it’s about opening more gyms for boxers.”

The experienced coach José Cuadrado, who comes from that area, will be in charge of it.

Cuadrado trains, among others, the sought-after featherweight Henry ‘Moncho’ Lebrón and the outstanding fighter from Bayamo, Stephanie Piñeiro, a member of the National Team and, at the same time, already with professional experience.

“This Sunday (February 13) we are going to have our first community activity to fit out the premises,” said Lamastús, “and we hope to be able to open the gym in a few weeks, as soon as possible, when everything is ready.”

Meanwhile, in addition to managing the La Perla gym —which was completely remodeled thanks to the financial support of the foundation of the famous fighter and YouTuber, Jake Paul— Lamastús joined forces last year with Nate Torres, the experienced and renowned manager of boxers based in Puerto Rico. in Connecticut, to create a new boxer management company that already has a large roster of fighters.

Ambos son socios a partes iguales, pero la compañía lleva el nombre de Team La Perla, y se ha mantenido consiguiéndoles peleas —aun en estos tiempos de escasez boxística por la pandemia— tanto a sus peleadores, como el cotizado supermediano Enrique ‘Kikín’ Collazzo, como a peleadores no afiliados. 

De hecho, dos de ellos —el junior ligero Clifford Gibbs y el junior welter Brian.

Report by: The Gondol – Puerto Rico

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