Miguel Canales in his pro debut was dropped twice in the 1st round by Frank Gedeon who was in the drivers seat early. Canales could not start the engine corner threw in the towel in the 2nd round.

Weights From Tampa, Fl.

Quinton Willis 154.8 vs. Wilky Campford 156.2
Luis Ortiz 234 vs. Ruben Rivera 270
Sherali Dostiev 125 vs. Carlos Rivera 130.6
Umberto Savigne 178.6 vs. Amador Acevedo 176.8
Vilier Quinonez 170 vs. LD Herbert 159.4
Kadel Martinez 122.4 vs. Shane Tenney 123
Frank Gedeon 152.6 vs. Miguel Canales 152.8
Yoandris Salinas 122.8 vs. Angel Lopez 125.4

Promoter: OnePunch Productions
Venue: DoubleTree Westshore
1st Bell: 7:30 p.m.


By Damon Gonzalez

Two St. Petersburg police officers were killed in a shootout this morning in St. Petersburg, FL. A US Marshall was wounded in the shootout and he is in stable condition. The incident occurred at a house on 28th Ave South in St. Petersburg, FL at about 7 AM this morning. The shootout occurred during a joint operation between the St. Petersburg police and the US Marshall seeking out information on a suspect. Both St. Petersburg policemen were married, but their names have not yet been releases. Hydra lacy Jr. is now named as the suspect in this shooting brother of former super middleweight champion Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy, Authorities were trying to arrest Hydra Lacy Jr. on an aggravated battery charge this morning.

The US Marshall and the St. Petersburg policemen arrived at the suspect Hydra Lacy Jr.’s house around 7AM this morning to look for information on the suspect. They talked to the Hydra Lacy’s girlfriend (who we found out was actually his wife) informed them Hydra was in the attic. The US Marshall and the St. Petersburg policemen went to confront the suspect when he surprised them. The suspect grabbed one of the St. Petersburg policemen’s guns and shot him to death. The other policeman was killed in the shootout and the US Marshall wounded. The policemen were rushed to Bayfront Medical center where they were both pronounced dead. The US Marshall is at Bayfront Medical Center in stable condition

The SWAT team came to the house, tore a hole in the house and rescued the St Petersburg police officer who was pronounced dead at the hospital. It was first believed the US Marshall was the police officer stuck in the house, but it was the second St. Petersburg policeman that was killed in the shootout. This information has not yet been confirmed. The suspect, Hydra Lacy Jr. was still in the attic shooting. More than one hundred shots were shot in the incident. Hydra Lacy Jr. told the police that he was not going back to prison. The suspect last shot his gun at 10:30 AM. The SWAT, St. Petersburg police, The FBI and the US Marshall Office are working together to bring Hydra Lacy Jr. to justice. They said they would get him even if they have to completely tear the house apart.

The shooting suspect was found dead inside the home, according to SPPD’s Mike Puetz. His cause of death is not directly known.


By Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez

St. Petersburg, FL – Dhafir “No Fear” Smith (24-19, 4 KO) a Super Middleweight and huge underdog coming into ruff territory at the Jannus Landings in front of 1,100 in attendance to battle it out with the home favorite Jeff Lacy (25-4, 17 KO) “The Day I Rise” card in Association with Fight Night Productions and Left Hook Promotions, Make no mistake Lacy’s performance was more related to “The Day I Fell”.
This fight was clearly fought one sided, have to give the Philadelphia native Smith lots of credit for sticking with his game plan and executing it almost in every round that I saw clearly taking the unanimous decision victory.

Smith started off pretty much as he finished the fight by establishing a very stiff jab that kept Lacy at bay throughout the fight, Lacy fighting very off balance it just wasn’t his night trying to get inside of Smith he kept lunging in very off balance shots were not landing flush. Smith not taking Lacy lightly used angles landed nice power hooks to Lacy’s face and moved his feet all night long.

Lacy had no protection he continued to get hit at will every time his chin was just right there he was not tucking it at all, Smith just looked fresh throughout the fight as he continued to breakdown Lacy as he continued to grab and hold Smith pretty much nothing Lacy tried worked.

I saw two rounds the 2nd and the 10th were Lacy may have pulled off on a slight percentage of shots, He ripped to the body well in those rounds and may have finished ok, he clearly needed a knock out to win the fight and just could not pick up the pace, Smith wins the UBO Super middleweight title belt on judges score cards 118-110,117-111 and 116-112.

In the co-main event Heavyweight Aaron Lyons goes to (12-9, 9 KO’s) by stopping local Lenroy “TNT” Thomas who was KO’d first time in his carrier at 1:53 of the 4th round he falls to (16-2, 8KO’s).

Middleweights in local turf war what most might think the fight of the night as Manny “Shake um up” Woods (6-1, 3 KO’s) was handed his first loss by split decision in a fight that could have easily went either way, Gino Mc Clellon goes to (4-0).

Jenna “Cowgirl” Shiver (14-4, 2 KO’s) holds on to her NABA Female Super Bantamweight title after dominating Nydia Feliciano from Bronx, N.Y.

Light Middleweight from Puerto Rico Carlos Garcia (5-7, 3 KO’s) was clearly underestimated as he stops local fighter Ali Tareh (9-9, 4 KO’s) by TKO in the 2nd Round handing him his second back to back TKO loss.

Light Middleweight Darrell Jones and Brian Meadows fight 4 rounds to a majority draw.

Featherweights both in their pro debuts Darel Harris stops Shane Tenney at 1:13 of the 4th Round.