By Bill Green

The boxing portion of this weekend’s August 1st, Charity Brawl, promoted by K.C.C. Promotions (Kansas Combat Coalition) in association with BG Sports Entertainment, has added some extra punch to the card by featuring Eric Priest 1-0 (1) vs Chadwick Allen (debut) in a scheduled 4 round Middleweight bout inside the GreatLife Center, located in Topeka, Kansas.

With tw other Midwest amateur stars already on the card in Nebraska’s Edel Gomez and Jose Camacho it made plenty of sense to add the exciting and crowd pleasing style of Priest.

The resume is an impressive one as Priest won or medaled in nearly all of the more recognizable National tournaments such as the USA Qualifiers and Ringside.

The Korean power punching Middleweight, moved to the West Coast at the age of 19, and stated “I moved away from home to seek employment in my industry but more importantly, to get that world class sparring, to take that first step towards reaching my goal, to become a world champion”

That first step as Priest noted was finding the right gym and the right trainer, as former amateur trainer, John Brown, groomed him for 6+ years during his amateur reign back in Kansas. Priest would state “I looked around a few gyms, but I didn’t have that feel. I believe the connection with your trainer should click and feel natural. But, I also knew being young and new to the area, that I had to prove it and get some eyes rolling. That’s when I entered the Fortune Gym in LA. I was immediately put in tough with a tough Russian Olympian. I performed well and that’s when Justine Fortune immediately loved my aggressive style and basically told me that I have talent.” .”

After about 6-8 months of training alongside the likes of Gabriel Rosado, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and more importantly his idol, future Hall of Famer, Manny Pacquiao. Priest stated “I always believed that I belong at this level to a certain point and have had success at the gym. But, to see and watch a legend train and be a role model for an entire country is surreal. I want to represent Korea the way Manny does for the Philippines.”

Priest turned pro back in February on a Steve Bash Boxing Promotions card and immediately made a splash by knocking out opponent, Henry Mendez, in just two rounds. Priest would add “The plan was for me to fight again in April but the Covid outbreak stalled next to everything and put my goals on hold.”

When the idea was discussed of possibly fighting near his hometown, he didn’t hesitate, he jumped on it. Trainer and Former Australian power punching Heavyweight contender, Justin Fortune, would state “Eric, is not only a good fighter but he is a good human being mate. He works hard in the gym, he’s dedicated to the sport and doesn’t come to hold hands in there, he’s trying to get you out of there.”

Opponent Chadwick Allen is making his debut and had some minor success fighting in the Golden Gloves. Trainer/manager, Dan Bolden, stated “Chadwick is a slow starter as he has a smooth style to him but what impresses me the most about him is that he can adapt to any style. One of those super nice guys outside of the ring but when that bell rings he tries to dissect you.”

Priest would admit that Allen is “a bit of an unknown, but that makes him dangerous. There’s not much footage on him. I did see some highlights of him fighting in both Alabama and in Chicago. He’s a southpaw and would love that style and while we don’t know much about him, I plan on showing him real quick as to who I am and what I’m about.”

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