Eddie Hearn:

“Thanks Chris, thanks Darren, and thank you everybody for tuning in across this stream joining us on Sky Sports News and of course Matchroom Boxing socials as well. Wow. What a couple of weeks we’ve had. You know I was thinking the other day, Fight Camp is unquestionably the standout performer across all sports in my opinion, not just boxing, but all sports coming out through lockdown. It has been absolutely fantastic and I believe this week we have the best week of the three so far from top to bottom. Compelling fights. We’re expecting a few thunderstorms, we’re expecting a little bit of rain, it’s all going to add to the drama of Fight Camp as it unfolds at Matchroom HQ this Friday live on Sky Sports in the UK and DAZN across America.”

John Docherty – Montrose, Scotland – 8-0, 6 KO’s – fighting Anthony Fox in an eight round Super-Middleweight contest:

“I’ve put my body through hell in this training camp. I’ve taken Anthony Fox very seriously. He’s a tough opponent and I’ve not taken him lightly. Those boys he’s beaten in the past might have overlooked Anthony Fox. I’ve not overlooked Anthony Fox. I’ve put 100% into training. I’ve done more rounds of sparring in this camp. The boys I’ve been sparring are a lot better than Anthony Fox and I’m handling them in sparring. I’m looking forward to fight night and putting on a show. I’ve not taken this fight lightly. You’ll see that on Friday night. I’ll put on a performance. I’ll shine on Friday night and I’ll show what level I’m at. There’s levels to this boxing, and I’m levels above Anthony Fox. My amateur pedigree backs that up but obviously I’ve got to do that in the pros. I’m going to knockout Anthony Fox on Friday night. Mark my words I will.”

Anthony Fox – Westbury, England – 8-12-4 – fighting John Docherty in an eight round Super-Middleweight contest:

“We’re focused on this fight. That’s it really. I know he hits hard, but I hit hard as well. 100%, I don’t think it’s going eight rounds. Either I’m getting stopped or he’s getting stopped. That’s it.”

Kieron Conway – Northampton, England – 14-1-1, 3 KOs – fighting Navid Mansouri for the vacant WBA Intercontinental Super-Welterweight Title:

“It’s a huge fight for me. I’m here to put a dominant display on. When people start talking about Cheeseman, Fitzgerald and Fowler, my name is going to be in that mix every single time after a real strong dominant performance. A lot of people see me as the back up and on the sidelines. I’m here to prove that I’m the top of that list. I’m not here to make up the numbers. I want to end this fight inside the distance and make a statement. I do believe that I’m a level above Navid but he seems to think that I’m overlooking him. I’m not overlooking him at all. I’m focused. I’m ready. If anything he’s overlooking me. I’m really looking forward to it. The set up looks unreal. The Cheeseman rematch is definitely the one I want. I want to put the record straight.”

Navid Mansouri – Rotherham, England – 20-3-2, 6 KOs – fighting Kieron Conway for the vacant WBA Intercontinental Super-Welterweight Title:

“I’ve had a great training camp and I’m ready to take on Kieron and push on to more big fights. I can adapt to any style. I can have a war for sure. I don’t shy away from a battle, I can box as well. We’re going to do what we need to do to get the win. This is the best camp that I’ve ever had. I couldn’t ask for anything better. With the position that I’m in now, physically and mentally, I feel 100%. I feel super confident and I can’t wait to get out there and showcase my skills. The Super-Welterweight division is booming and there’s some great fights to be made. Every one of those domestic fights will make for a great fight. Ted Cheeseman vs. Sam Eggington – what a fight that was! Anthony Fowler, what a great fighter he is as well. Get this win, and I’ll move into that mix.”

Shannon Courtenay – Watford, England – 5-0, 2 KOs – fighting Rachel Ball in an eight round Super-Bantamweight contest:

“I feel in the best shape of my life. I’m actually embracing the pressure. Pressure creates diamonds, and on Friday night I will shine. I’ve had opponents before that haven’t brought the heat to me and I may have not performed to the best of my ability. I know for a fact that Rachel will be my hardest fight so far and because of that, that will bring out the best in me and you will see the very best version of myself. I can’t take anything for granted. I can’t switch off. I’ve got to stay focused 100%. Camp has been the hardest camp I’ve ever had but the best camp I’ve ever had. The sparring we’ve had has been sensational. I’ve had girls, some taller than Rachel, some that want to fight on the inside and some that keep me long. We’ve had every type of sparring partner that you can imagine and it’s the best that I’ve ever looked in the gym.”

Rachel Ball – Aldridge, England – 5-1 – fighting Shannon Courtenay in an eight round Super-Bantamweight contest:

“It’s a massive opportunity for me. I’ve come from fighting on small hall shows. I fought in Norway on a Team Sauerland show which was a really good promotion. For me it’s a massive opportunity and I want to prove that I belong on this platform. It’s nice to be Rachel the social worker when I’m at work and then when I’m in the gym I’m Rachel the boxer. I’m happy having that separation. Coming into this fight, a lot of people don’t know who I am and that’s fine. I’ve got to leave everything in there. I can’t take a second off. I’ve really got to give everything I can. I’m feeling confident. Even with the global pandemic I’ve had the best fight camp I could have ever had and I’m feeling great. I’m in great shape. I’ve got all of the confidence in the world.”

Zelfa Barrett – Manchester, England – 23-1, 14 KOs – fighting Eric Donovan for the vacant IBF Intercontinental Super-Featherweight Title:

“I’m buzzing about this opportunity. Respect to Eric, I really appreciate him taking the fight. I’m under no illusion, he’s there trying to beat me and I’m here to do a job on him. No disrespect to the guy. I’m going to look good doing it. The better he is, the better I’ll be. I’m ready. I’m excited. I’m ready to go to Ireland and back to beat this guy. I’ve trained too hard. I’ve dedicated my whole life towards boxing. I’ve moved in with my Uncle Pat for this camp, that was the hardest! I’ve not come this far to be put aside. I’m here to stay. I’m going to be fighting for World Titles at the M.E.N. No disrespect to him but he’s in my way.”

Eric Donovan – Athy, Ireland – 12-0, 7 KOs – fighting Zelfa Barrett for the vacant IBF Intercontinental Super-Featherweight Title:

“I’m absolutely delighted to be here. Honestly, I’m very grateful for the opportunity. You’re dead right. I think in life if you want to be successful, no matter what, you have to take risks. You also have to be able to back it up. You have to be good enough and you have to prepare well. When this opportunity was presented to me I knew that chances and opportunities for me are few and fare between. Nobody has the balls to fight Zelfa at Super-Featherweight in Britain. So when Mark put it to me I said yes Mark, I’ll step up to it and I’ll take that because I see an opportunity. I believe in myself and I believe if I can get a good camp, good preparation, then I can put in a good performance and win this fight. So far we have done that. If I can perform to the best of my ability on Friday nightI think I can do enough to win.”

Felix Cash – Wokingham, England – 12-0, 8 KOs  – defending his Commonwealth Middleweight Title against Jason Welborn:

“Jason has been around. He’s a good fighter. He’s a strong fighter. I’ve got a lot of respect for Jason as a fighter. I believe I’m a level above him. I’m better than him and I’m going to show that on Friday night. I’ve left no stone unturned. I haven’t overlooked Jason. I’ve done everything right in the gym, trained hard and I’m ready to go on Friday night and move on after him, use him as a stepping stone to bigger and better fights. I’m planning to go all of the way. I’ve got to be dealing with people like Jason. This is a big night for me to showcase my skills. This is what it’s all about. This is what boxing is all about.”

Jason Welborn – Tividal, England – 24-8, 7 KOs  – challenging Felix Cash for the Commonwealth Middleweight Title:

“I’m back at Middleweight and I’m comfortable. I’m back enjoying the sport now. I had two losses at Light-Middle. I’ve had a few things going on in life but I’m back here now and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’m looking forward to experiencing Fight Camp. The key is with me is my strength. I’m a different fighter. I’ve had the wars and I’ve had the tests, I’ve been there. We’ve got to put on a good fight and I think it will be. With his style and my style, I think we’re going to clash. This is my time, and if I want to stay on these shows I’ve got to win on Friday night.”