Barbosa,Jr. Pitches Shutout Against Luis

Las Vegas, NV – In the co-main event tonight at the MGM Grand Ballroom Junior Welterweight Arnold Barboza Jr. (24-0, 10 KO) from South El Monte, CA. scores a ten unanimous decision victory over  Tony Luis (29-4, 10 KO) from Cornwall, Canada.

Barbosa,Jr. creating space early on landing hard shots on Luis who’s walking straight in getting clipped with combinations.

Barbosa,Jr. making Luis pay by landing big right hands keeping Luis in range as Luis continues to stand right in front of Barbosa.

Midway through Barbosa,Jr. continues to lay it on Luis with hard shots to the head and body as referee Mike Ortega takes a point from Barbosa, Jr. for a low blow.

Barbosa, Jr. continues to out-punch Luis as we go to the judges scorecards 99-90(3x) for Barbosa,Jr.


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‪from the MGM Grand Conference Center – Grand Ballroom (Las Vegas)‬

Photo credits: Mikey Williams/TopRank 📸

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