58th Annual WBC Conversation Begins

58th Annual @wbcboxing Convention begins… here’s some important information

At the World Boxing Council we are convinced that together we are stronger, that boxing is capable of traversing any border and that there is no adversity that separates our great family.

The WBC’s annual Convention, which will take place virtually August 12-15, will be dedicated to everyone because of the situation we have been experiencing in recent months.

At the WBC we are very excited about this new experience, which we are sure will make history.

We share the schedule of the events that we will have: https://wbcboxing.com/wp-content/uploads/WBC-58th-Convention-SCHEDULE.pdf

Steps to enter the convention site:

Step 1: Go to http://www.wbcconvention.com

Step 2: In that menu, click on “Main Stage”.

Step 3: Log in with the email with which you filled out your registration and enter your unique password (The one that will be sent from tomorrow).

Step 4: Enjoy the convention and if you have questions, click on the “?” on your right or get into the “Technical Support” section in the main menu.

Remember: Do not share your code with anyone else because if someone else enters with it, then you will be removed from the site.

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