Orlando, Florida – Antonio Vargas the WBA

Continental Americas Super Bantamweight Champion with a complete shutout, In and out with flurries, He displayed the same skills that had him ahead on the cards against Michell Banquez from Caracas, Venezuela who was visibly tired in the later rounds as Vargas finished him off at 2:38 seconds of round number six by TKO victory.

Clearly an emphatic win for Vargas buzzsaw has certainly proved himself the premier Vargas.

Vargas fight notes He’s aggressive and extremely busy, but there is also a high level of skill in his swarming approach, and he is not easy to tag.

Vargas also takes a good punch, absorbing several bangs from his prior fight against Jesus Martinez without wobbling.

Vargas punches in rapid-fire combinations, usually from long range it’s fun to watch the development and how he can get the job done.

I believe Vargas is certainly on course to capture the public’s imagination with his performances, Vargas and his close-knit team on course to a title shot indeed.

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