Bedford Clears Out Barnett By Decision

Report by Damon Gonzalez

Biloxi, MI – Johnny Bedford bitter sweet becomes the 2x BKFC Bantamweight World Champion by beating Reggie Barnett by unanimous decision.

Bedford starts off we’re he left off by blasting Barnett with a hard right hand that drops Barnett in the opening round.

Barnett holding his own countering with big shots of his own as we go to the judges Tallis 48-46 50-44 49-46.

López-Belcher Knuckle Up

Alan Belcher fights hard wins five round unanimous decision victory over Tony Lopez

Belcher definitely showed great punching power in the opening round catching López with huge shots in the inside.

López taking everything Belcher can give gets nailed with a straight right hand from Belcher.

In the final round López did have success landing hard shots on Belcher both fighters finish the fight with no knockdowns, Judges official scores 49-46, 48-47, 50-45.

Henry Catches Some Fish

Quentin Henry knocks off Jason “Hook Em” Fish in round two.

Henry started off with a good jab Fish starts exchanging blows gets caught and buzzed by a hard shot from Henry that may have broke his nose.

Henry Jumps right on Fish putting him down while referee reaches the count of ten at .56 seconds of round two by KO victory.

Heavyweight Dillon Cleckler (3-0, 3 KO) waisted no time staying in the pocket blasting Justin Thorton (0-1) with hard shots cracking him in the jaw ending the fight immediately as referee waves off the contest at .19 seconds of round one by KO stoppage.

BoBo Knows

Heavyweight Bobo O’Bannon destroys Lewis Rumsey in four rounds

Rumsey made every effort to let his hands go, O’Bannon was just the stronger man tonight dropping Rumsey multiple times battering him ending his night at the official time of the stoppage

.33 seconds of round four by TKO victory

Poetic Injustice

Light Heavyweight

Harris “Sandman” Stephenson takes a disqualification win over Melvin Guillard.

Guillard comes out strong in the opening round drops Stephenson with a hard combination of punches landing a big left hook that sends Stephenson down.

Guillard hits Stephenson with a hard right hand that hurts him Stephenson was hit while he was down ruling a disqualification giving Stephenson the win.


Elvin Brito scores a five round majority decision win over Julio Garcia.

Brito taking the fight to the inside tagging Garcia with shots in the opening round.

Garcia having his moments catching Brito with solid shots in the inside.

Garcia having a slow kill in there matching Brito shot per shot. Judges scorecards 48-48, 48-47 (2x).

Kaleb Harris dominates Derrick “Superman” Findley in a five round unanimous decision win.

Harris opens up with very nice movement in the ring popping his jab a Findley who needs to make adjustments quickly.

Harris not having problems finding the target as Findley not adjusting to the fight.

Harris coming on going for the knockout in round four.

Findley showing some skin in the final round letting his hands go as we go to the scorecards 50-45, 50-45, 50-46.

Light Heavyweight Scott “Walkin’ Threat” O’Shaughnessy wins a five round unanimous decision victory over David Simpson.

Simpson tough as nails had his moments in the fight gets dropped in the opening round two knockdowns we’re ruled. O’Shaughnessy showing explosive power as Simpson gets tagged on the chin gets floored again with a hard shot.

In round three Simpson having problems finding the mark gets dropped again with a hard shot from O’Shaughnessy.

Judges official scores 48-44, 48-45, 49-45.

Lightweight Adam “The Slugger” Pellarano Beats John “The Florida Keys Kid” Chalbeck by five round Split Decision

Chalbeck starting off with a good jab Pellarano responds with shots of his own but taking hard right hands in the opening round.

Pellarano explodes in the opening seconds of round two with hard combination of shots Chalbeck took it well closes the round with hard shots of his own.

Pellarano eating uppercuts from Chalbeck both fighters exchanging hard shots.

Chalbeck and Pellarano definitely made it entertaining as we go to the scorecards 48-47, 48-47, 49-46.

Light Heavyweight

Ryan Jones Eliminates Kaine Tomlinson in the Opening Round

Right from the opening bell Jones comes out fast throwing straight shots at Tomlinson who was fighting back breaking him down dropping him to a knee Tomlinson shaken up couldn’t continue as he was counted out at the official time 1:49 seconds of round one by KO victory for Jones.

Taylor Made

Lightweight Bobby Taylor, destroys Ronnie Rogers in a blink.

Taylor bloody eye just seconds into the opening round, Taylor counters and drops Rodgers with an explosive shot, Taylor jumped on him blasting him with a hard right hand finishing Rodgers off with nine seconds left in the opening round at 1:51 seconds round one by KO victory.

Photo credits: Phil Lambert @bareknucklefc

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