Whyte Stops Povetkin In Rematch

Gibraltar – Dillian Whyte (28-2, 19 KO)

redeems himself tonight winning the WBC Diamand & interim heavyweight titles after stopping Alexander Povetkin (36-3-1, 25 KO) in four rounds.

Whyte not holding back starts off quick landing big shots on Povetkin who fires back looses his balance after taking a good counter shot by Whyte in the opening round.

Whyte using a blinding jab on Povetkin in round two coming inside throwing hard hooks on Whyte as both fighters go right after each other.

Whyte rocks Povetkin with a hard overhand right in round three he took it good, Whyte trying to time Povetkin with a big shot.

Whyte catches Povetkin with an explosive right hand stays on the assault sending Povetkin down to the canvas with a left hook he was certainly hurt by the attack the referee jumps in to wave off the fight after Povetkin corner threw in the towel ending the contest at the official time 2:39 seconds of round four by TKO victory.

Heavyweight puncher Fabio Wardley (11-0, 10 KO) stops Eric Molina (27-7, 19 KO) in five rounds.

In the opening round Molina catches Wardley with two overhand right hands Wardley sticking the jab scoring shots looking to time Molina with a big shot.

Molina sticking to the body shots on Wardley who stays with the jab but drops his hands very low.

Wardley continues to fight with caution not letting his hands go on Molina.

Wardley taking a lot of shots grin Molina counters him at spurts, Wardley rallied with good counter shots to end round three.

Molina wants to be close sticking with body shots he catches Wardley with a hard shot Wardley stepped in returned fire catching Molina with a hard right hand with combination that drops him to the canvas as referee reaches the count of ten at the official time :52 seconds of round five by TKO victory.

Ted “The Big Cheese” Cheeseman (17-2, 10 KO) becomes once again the British Super Welterweight Champion after stoping

James “Kid Shamrock” Metcalf (21-0, 13 KO) in round eleven in a epic battle in Gibraltar.

British Super Welterweight Title

No feel out round for Metcalf and Cheeseman exchanging hard shots in the center of the ring, Metcalf steps in range very nice to land good counter shots on Cheeseman.

Cheeseman got into Metcalf wheel house getting hit with a bunch of punches, Cheeseman keeping the aggression staying in Metcalf face.

Metcalf gets caught with a big right hand by Cheeseman who follows up with a big upper cut that landed cleanly as Metcalf battles back taking the shots well.

Cheeseman explodes with a hard right hand that buckles Metcalf jumps right on him with three more hard right hands unbelievably Metcalf did not fall surviving that on slot by Cheeseman in round four.

Cheeseman fighting smart moving in angles clearly taking a lot out of Metcalf looks like Cheeseman is setting traps in round six taking advantage of Metcalf slowing down.

Metcalf found some life in round seven catches Cheeseman with a big shot just doing what’s normal for him letting his hands fly.

Metcalf taking advantage in round eight pressuring Cheeseman in the corner landing big shots on him taking the fight right to him.

Cheeseman needs to do something big in the Championship rounds.

Metcalf is just loosing the battle in close quarters against Cheeseman.

Metcalf explodes with a hard right hand in round eleven Cheeseman returns fire landing a big right then left hand dropping Metcalf finishing him off at 3:10 seconds of round eleven by KO victory.

The Hatton Legacy Continues with Campbell Hatton Pro Debut Victory

Lightweight Campbell “The Hurricane” Hatton (1-0) son of boxing Legend Ricky Hatton dominates in his professional debut by scoring a four round unanimous decision victory over Jesus Ruiz from Spain.

Hatton starts off quick dropping hard shots to the body of Ruiz who jumped right into survival mode grabbing on to Hatton through the opening round.

Difficult to really see what Campbell Hatton really has with this opposition.

Hatton sticking with the left hook to the body on Ruiz who just denotes a matter of time before he’s put away.

Hatton continues to breakdown Ruiz loading up with hard shots controlling the fight as the

Judges have it 40-36.

Michael “The Problem” McKinson (20-0, 2 KO) had all cylinder going tonight becoming the new WBO Global Welterweight Champion after beating Chris “Too Slick” Kongo (12-1, 7 KO) to a ten round unanimous decision victory.

McKinson catches Kongo with a hard left hand gets his attention early on, McKinson catches Kongo with a short left hook scoring a flash knockdown in the opening round.

Kongo in round two creating a little distance trying to catch McKinson walking into a shot.

Kongo sticks with a blinding jab with a right hand behind it controlling the range keeping McKinson right in front of him.

Kongo setting his shots up with the jab catches McKinson with a hard left hand giving him problems in round four.

McKinson buzzed Kongo in round five with a hard counter left sends Kongo back momentarily.

McKinson coming on a bit in round eight catches Kongo with multiple shots as we go to the judges scorecards after ten rounds 97-93, 96-94, 95-94. for McKinson.

Pfeifer Gets Caught In The Webb

Nick “Wild” Webb (17-2, 13 KO) becomes the IBO International Heavyweight Champion after stopping Erik Pfeifer (7-1, 5 KO) in two rounds.

Webb coming out quick in the opening round popping the jab at Pfeifer counters with overhand rights, Webb staying sharp cutting the ring landing shots.

Webb throwing bombs drops

Pfeifer with a hard right hand in round two, Pfeifer down two more times the fight is over great performance by Webb finishing him off at 1:51 seconds of round two winner by TKO victory.

Matchroom Boxing Live from Europa Point Sports Complex in Gibraltar. #Boxing #MatchroomBoxing #RumbleOnTheRock #PovetkinWhyte2

Photo credits: @matchroomboxing

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