Estrada Enjoys The Perks In Texas with Split Decision Win over Gonzalez

Juan Francisco Estrada (42-3, 28 KOs) took a twelve round controversial split decision over Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (50-3, 41 KOs) to unify the WBC and WBA super flyweight titles on Saturday night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Estrada starts off quick Gonzalez answers the call with exchanges of his own in the opening round.

Gonzalez starting to dig in on Estrada who is fighting back but frozen at moments after getting countered by Gonzalez in round two.

Gonzalez with an effective round three taking the fight right to Estrada certainly tough and hitting him back but taking a lot of shots as he pulls back.

Gonzalez-Estrada exchange in the center of the ring in Gatti-Ward mode hitting each other with explosive shots Gonzalez catches Estrada with a hard overhand right in round four.

Estrada coming on in round six Gonzalez appears bothered by something in his eye fights on through Estrada taking advantage with hard hooks to the body of Gonzalez.

Estrada won the dance in round seven explodes with hard overhand rights on Gonzalez head taking a step back keeping Gonzalez in range.

Entering the ninth Gonzalez certainly needs to pose his will on Estrada who’s turned the fight around.

Gonzalez teeing off on Estrada in round nine, so fascinating how Chocolatito is able to make the adjustments in there, certainly the smarter fighter in a very close fight.

Gonzalez sets his rhythm in there it’s fun to watch as Estrada punching but has to move at Gonzalez pace in round ten.

Gonzalez takes away Estrada’s reach in the inside in a leave it all in the ring round twelve.

Both fighters open up in the final seconds of the twelve and final round.

Judges official scores: Jesse Reyes has it 115-113 for Gonzales; Carlos Sucre has it 117-111 for Estrada. David Sutherland has it 115-113 for Estrada. Estrada wins split decision, 115-113.

Report: Damon Gonzalez / Latinbox Sports

Photo credits: Ed Mulholland / Matchroom Boxing 📸

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