Mega WBC Convention Inauguration

Never has there been such an extraordinary start to a World Boxing Council Convention as this fifty seventh SPECTACULAR in the Grand Oasis included laughter, tears, standing ovations, generosity of spirit and unity, incorporating kindness, brotherhood, equality and even the Scholas  Occurantes Foundation  with Pope  Francis.

Significantly Paco Varcarcel who heads the WBO and Gilberto Mendoza who’s Chief of the WBA are guests of honor, extending hands of friendship in the sun kissed resort.

Perhaps an indication of more unification fights and practical cooperation between the Giants and titans of the modern boxing world?

Mexican business magnate genius and multi millionaire  altruistic benefactor for charities and good causes Alfredo Harp Helu was presented with the WBC Belt of Honor for his constant and caring contributions to culture, education, health and sports.

Then WBC super lightweight champion Jose Carlos Ramirez came to the podium to touch on recent ring tragedies succinctly mentioning that a ring career is a decision but at the self same time a great responsibility. And opportunities to be able to make a difference for good causes with the help of people.

On that very theme the National Lottery ticket Director General Ernesto Prieto Ortega announced a special WBC ticket draw on October 30th with millions going to good causes.

Golden Boy Sun King Oscar De La Hoya came to deliver a reasoned but also very specific warning about the very real dangers of the International Olympic Committee allowing seasoned fully developed, mature professionals competing against callow youth. In the Tokyo Games next year.

He stressed that at the amateur stage of his career, all of his future dreams of glory would have been shattered if he’d been forced and obliged to compete against men in their thirties.

There was an inspiring wheelchair boxing bout between a female and male competitor, sparring with great skills and competitively. Carefully controlled and supervised, Adaptive Boxing is providing great fitness and inspiration.  The display elicited a standing ovation.

The most emotional occasion of the Convention, was Adonis Stevenson walking up on to the stage  the Grand Oasis Arena to receive a Champion of Life belt for his extraordinary, valiant fight of his life to overcome a serious traumatic brain injury in the ring, which involved emergency surgery, an induced coma and constant patient therapy to get him back on his feet, battling to regain a fully functioning life.

He credits his Wife Sisi who never left his side during the ordeal, for saving his life thanking her and he. cried tears of loving gratitude, also thanking the WBC for its constant and magnificent help.

Sisi who herself received a WBC Belt for what she did, proving everything which is simply beyond words, said the work goes on every day with the unwavering support of people who care.  Supreme moments.

Photo credits: WBC Boxing

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