WBO Champions Tournament undercard begins to take shape

Fighters from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Mexico will be in action on the “WBO Champions Tournament” show, featuring the world defense of the WBO 105-pound champion, Wilfredo “Bimbito” Mendez, on Saturday, May 26 October, at the Rubén Zayas Montañez Coliseum in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, in a presentation of PR Best Boxing Promotions (PRBBP) in association with Spartan Boxing.

“We have almost completed the October 26 event and in addition to the Colombian Gabriel Mendoza, rival of Bimbito Méndez, and the Dominican Olympian Félix Díaz, we will have several Dominican and Mexican fighters, as well as the Puerto Rican prospects who will fight in the card” announced the promoter Iván Rivera, president of PRBBP.

The main fight will be between the Puerto Rican Bimbito Méndez (14-1, 5 kos), in his first defense of the WBO 105-pound belt, against the two-time Colombian world challenger Gabriel Mendoza (30-6-2, 23 kos) .

Meanwhile, Dominican Felix Diaz (20-3, 10 kos), gold medalist at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China, 2008, will face Mexican Darío Fermán (18-6, 15 kos) at 10 rounds and at 147 pounds .

The undefeated Puerto Ricans Patrick Cora (8-0, 6 kos) and Luis Midyael Sánchez (8-0, 6 kos) will face in an eight round bout at 154 pounds, in an interesting fight between unbeaten compatriots.

At 10 rounds, meanwhile, Dominican Yenifel Vicente (35-4-2, 27 kos) will fight against Mexican Victor Ruiz (23-10, 16 kos) at 122 pounds; at six rounds, Puerto Rican John Correa (6-0, 5 kos) will face Mexican Edgardo Velázquez (12-0, 12 kos) at 154 pounds; at eight rounds, Dominican Frency Fortunato (7-0, 6 kos) will face Mexican Marcos Muñiz (14-0, 11 kos) at 122 pounds.

Other fights that will take place in the event will be announced shortly.

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