Miguel Cruz Control

Orlando, Florida. – Miguel Cruz Returns to the ring to face veteran former world champion Andre Berto at the Brooklyn Barclays Center On the #AdamKownacki card battles #ChrisArreola in Heavyweight showdown in front of hometown fans in Brooklyn, Aug. 3, headlining our next PBC on Fox Fight Night.

Miguel Cruz Thoughts On The fight:

Latinbox: Miguel give me your thoughts about fighting Berto? It appears he went public saying the fight is now personal?

Cruz: “Yea.. lol he’s in his feelings

I’m winning the first round already. I’ll see him face to face Tuesday.”

Latinbox: How is training camp going?

Cruz: “I’m stoic about fighting him, he’s just another man who I know for a fact I can beat. He can keep making me famous that’s all he is here to do. He will see that he is in the ring with a stud and I’m gunna make him work for everything he gets.”

“Camp is honestly the best I’ve ever had so far, Things have fallen in line beautifully”

“Styles and nights make fights he made a mistake picking me, You’ll see.. There will be fireworks, I’m not anything but 100% focused.”

LatinBox: When you first got the call about fighting Berto your thoughts?

“I’m not into the talk, They asked me what I thought and I said that would be badass lol.”

Latinbox: You’ve been through a lot is this a Statement Fight for you?

“I feel like when I got the call for Josesito I was very excited almost celebrating before I had even won, For this fight it was a lot different I wasn’t excited because I knew that this was my last chance for redemption so I took it very serious and more focused. Like now is where the hard work is going to start but I’m going to be the one Crossing the finish line.”

“Yeah I’ve had highs and lows man I know he’s Judging me based off of one bad fight he’s not going to get that version of me he’s gonna run into trouble.”

“Yeah this is my life on the line I feel like so no celebrating or congratulations Until I win.”

“Everybody is congratulating me already and I’m making sure they know that.”

“I don’t want to hear that until I earn it, But I will, Focused bro that’s all, I got a solid team now, It will be the difference.”

“It’s not every day you actually get to live your dream I’m gonna do it.”

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