National Boxing Photographer Emily Harney Steps Into The Ring For A Great Cause

Dear Family, Friends, and Loved Ones,

I am emailing all of you today, to reach out and ask for your help. It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform you that I have decided to undertake the grueling challenge of participating in Haymakers for Hope’s 6th annual Belles of the Brawl event at The House of Blues Boston on October 10th, 2018. Haymakers for Hope is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that organizes amateur charity boxing events to raise money and awareness for cancer research, care, awareness, and survivorship. Over the next few months, I, along with 31 other brave women, will undertake an intense training regimen to prepare me to step in the ring in front of 2,000 people and literally fight for a cure of cancer.

I’ve worked in and around boxing for eighteen years as a photographer and consultant to promoters but I have never stepped into the ring to fight.  From the first day of working in boxing I have been asked; do you fight? Do you want to fight? My answer has always remained the same, when the time is right, and for the right reasons I would get in the ring.  This is also the one part of the business of boxing that I am not familiar with, meaning what it is actually like to train, fight, hit and be hit.   I have covered some of the greatest fighters to ever step in the ring from all angles of their lives, respecting their dedication, work ethic and privacy. In the few short weeks I have been training, my respect for their knowledge, dedication and lifestyle choices has elevated.

In 2016 I attended my first Haymakers for Hope event and was blown away by the energy and support for a cause that means so much, to so many of us.  I knew if given the opportunity to fight it would be a great honor and truly is.

I am fighting in honor of my Nana, Susan Harney. A former schoolteacher, my grandmother was always caring for others; starting with her own children, grand children and the children of her community she made sure others were always taken care of.   She passed away in 1993 after battling leukemia.

Chief justice of the Massachusetts District Courts, Samuel E. Zoll; Sam was not only a friend, he was a mentor, an inspiration to me as an artist, teacher, parent and community member.   Sam was one of my biggest supporters coming up as a photojournalist in the world of boxing, always encouraging me to reach my goals and to never give up.

Mason Silva, one of the littlest fighters I have ever known, is the son of my childhood friend Alissa Collins-Silva and her husband Kevin Silva.  Mason was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome and AML leukemia at six months old. After months of treatments and a bone marrow treatment, Mason died just 23 days after his first birthday.

This past December I was asked by another childhood friend to come and photograph his children for their Christmas card.  His daughter Dior Stavros (7) was in Boston Children’s battling Leukemia.  Getting the kids into a photo studio was not an option; realizing we were confined to her hospital room, we quickly transformed her room into a studio and made some spectacular photographs. Dior was resilient and positive during the time we shared that day and has continued to be as she fights.

I have committed to raising at least $5000.00 for Haymakers for Hope, and hopefully with your help can meet, and significantly surpass this total. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased to help in support of reaching my goal. When and if you purchase tickers please be sure to enter HARNEY in “OFFER CODE”*.  Entering a last name is the only way to actually gain access to purchase tickets and the only way we will be able to credit purchases towards my total fundraising.   Donations and ticket can be accessed here Sponsorship opportunities are also available, featuring various corporate recognition, tables, and additional event-related benefits, all in the name of an incredible philanthropic cause. Sponsoring Belles of the Brawl is an incredible recruiting point and a unique [team building/client entertainment/etc.] event.

Haymakers for Hope, founded in 2010, has sponsored 18 charity-boxing events in Boston, New York City and Denver, and raised more than $8.8 million for cancer research, care, awareness, and survivorship. It is with the help of generous donors such as yourselves that together we fight to give cancer the knockout punch. Thank you very much for your support, and I hope we can enjoy this journey together.

Best Regards,

Emily  “The Educator” Harney

For more info about Haymakers for Hope please visit or check out the Haymakers Promo Video


Training: Tomasello’s Boxing Gym

Coach: Joe Ricarrdi

No matter how large or small, your donation will go a long way towards knocking out

cancer. To make a donation to my cause please click: [Link to your fundraising page]

To follow my training progress on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter click: [Link to your profile]

*This is a 21+ event*

For US citizens, a valid DMV-issued photo ID or USA passport is required. For international guests, a valid passport is required.  There are no exceptions to this rule and it is enforced heavily by the House of Blues.

*Ticket’s Range from $85-$500* (plus applicable TicketMaster fees) and descriptions are on the TicketMaster website as well.

Note: If you are trying to get a group together, as a general rule of thumb, higher priced tickets can gain access to lower level ticketed areas, but lower ticketed areas cannot go up.

For more info about Haymakers for Hope please visit or

check out the Haymakers Promo Video

Emily Harney

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