Latinbox: I have come a long way

This photo defines the hardship in my life showing up to work with a smile on my face…going to boxing fights local for almost a year living in my car showering at my job Nights not eating cause I couldn’t afford it getting dressed w close in my trunk and working Ringside and interviewing fighters w a smile while I was suffering for so long and GOD got me threw, he gave me peace and rest and Blessings that’s all I need in my 18 Years in Boxing no Halls want to know me I don’t care cause GOD delivered me and Blessed my in the sport I love. I don’t understand why so many people that don’t know me hate me for the life God has chosen for me I love my sons my family and all my friends in boxing. #KeepOnPunching GOD is not done with me yet.

Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez

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Editor of LatinBox Communications

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