Golovkin Meets The Press In Big Bear Training Camp

Report: Damon Gonzalez

Big Bear Lake, California- Middleweight Champion Gennady “GGG” Gennady took sometime today out of his training camp at the Summit Gym and met with the Media as gets set for his showdown against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez on September 15th in Las Vegas, NV.

Golovkin: “I need to do my job and win the fight, I have no comment about the judges I’m a boxer and a fighter I don’t worry about the judges, I don’t think about what Canelo thinks I supposed to just go in there and do my job and that’s it.”

“I remember one famous athlete said to his coach why are the media coming all the time and interrupt me all the time the coach said you should loose once the Media will never come.”

“Canelo and I talk a lot about each other it’s the promotion everybody understand that but you will see what will happen September 15th everybody will be clear.”

“What team Canelo appears to say is not interesting at all why didn’t they win the fight the first time.”

“Nothing surprised me after a year has gone by with the fight what surprised me is Canelo is not a heavy puncher at all.

Abel comments Gennady feels great in this camp in a few days we he has the official 30 day weigh in for the WBC which is Mandatory, Gennady is right on track.”

Gennady: “Like All Training camps are very heavy very intense. I hope there is not going to be any draws anymore somebody is gonna Win this fight.” This fight I’m not thinking about popularity at all what’s interesting to me is having such a fight and the highest level experiencing the fight at such a high level not popularity.”

“We both have different styles of boxing what I believe is my style of fight will bring an end to this fight early.”

“Canelo was the most un present and dirtiest opponent I’ve ever had, I’m a fighter I’m gonna fight.”

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