Help Boxer Branco Billy Wright

It was a big step for me to put this out there for the public to see. I was just going to shut down social media and keep my disease a secret. Then I thought how selfish that would be.

We have a great opportunity to raise awareness for this very scary disease. Brain disease is not a nice way to go. Not that there is a nice way. But to have your mind disintegrate to nothing is intimidating. Even for big strong guys like me.

Most think of brain disease as an elderly condition and just the process of life. Well I am here to say this is not true. Brain disease can effect anyone young or older. I am living proof of this. And even if it was reserved for the elderly what a cruddy way to go.

Let’s stop this disease. We all get to die. No questions there. But we should all know who we are and who our loved ones and Kids are when we do get our turn. To die not even remembering how to feed yourself. Not knowing how to get a drink. Or how to get up and use the restroom. To not know who you have spent your life with. This is unacceptable.

I am mad at myself for not being more aware of other people who have suffered from brain disease. I now Fighting brain disease that is progressing very rapidly. And I have a broken heart for anyone who has had to experience any degenerative brain disease. There is no good endings.

I believe we can change this. This is why I have decided to fight this fight publicly and ask you all to fight with me. Please join me in this to change the way brain disease affects us. We do not have to be rich to make a difference. The smallest donations and support will make the biggest impacts. I am grateful for you even reading this and liking it. That means the awareness has begun. All my best to you all. Bronco Billy Wright

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