Lomachenko aiming high after Linares Win

By Damon Gonzalez

Photo credits: Lester Silva

New York, N.Y. – If Vasyl Lomachenko did not existed it would have been impossible to invent him.

He is forth of July, brass band and New Years Eve all rolled into one.

He is bigger in his unpredictability, he is total excellence wrapped up into one person

He makes the sport more fun to be in after his epic battle against Jorge Linares at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

He’s being celebrated as such a rising figure in the sport of boxing, People just applauding at the opening bell of the fight in the Garden and he hasn’t even done anything yet.

There was no question after when Lomachenko landed the first solid punch on Linares it was so frightening people just started to duck, it broke out to an all out war, and suddenly with great power both fighters traded violent heavy blows in the center of the ring.

Like a dancer Lomachenko moved to the side avoiding hard shots from Linares who had great moments in combat.

What did Lomachenko have to merit this great opportunity to go toe to toe with one of the most interesting elite dangerous fighters in the sport.

Clearly his talents are beyond unique, taking unbelievable shots from the slugger Linares.

It was a contest that showed the boxing world how unique Lomachenko really is.

Lomachenko is far from perfect but fighting with a hard exhilarating presence in the ring the timing was perfect.

Fighters would toss and turn in there sleep realizing they were facing Lomachenko the next day.

One of the most exciting thing in boxing today is watching Lomachenko beat up on his opponents.

We live in an era were it doesn’t matter what a fighter does in the ring everyone is talking about Lomachenko.

Lomachenko is quickly becoming pop American culture.

We are headed a direction we’re every man will have a Lomachenko win in the paper during breakfast and coffee.

He was created for this roll in boxing and he is clearly riding it to the hills.

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