WBC Cares Fights Autism

WBC Cares went all in for autism awareness at the Autism Speaks poker tournament fundraiser hosted by the Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens, California.

Champions Joseph “JoJo” Diaz Jr., Mia “The Knockout” St. John, Josesito “Riverside Rocky” Lopez, and Kaliesha “Wild Wild” West were among the athletes and celebrities who came out to help increase autism understanding and acceptance through support of the Autism Speaks Foundation.

As celebrity guest players, our fighters had ‘bounties’ placed on them, the beautiful and prestigious WBC medals they wore would be signed and given to the player that knocked them out of the tournament. Nazia and myself even joined in on the fun. As would be the case in a boxing ring, JoJo made quick work of me, knocking me out of the tournament. The WBC team played incredibly well and a wonderful time was had by all!

Thanks again to Kaliesha West, Josesito Lopez, Mia St. John, and Joseph Diaz Jr., for helping make this a fun and memorable night. Thank you to Jill Diamond, Nazia Noor, Nancy Rodriguez and special thank you to Mauricio Sulaiman for the amazing gift basket and experience package donated to the event for auction.

The event was a definite success for Autism Speaks, an amazing and deserving organization dedicated to serving individuals with autism and their families.

Photos: Mo Noor

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