Weights from Mexico

Gilberto “Yaqui” Parra 108 Vs. Saul “Baby” Juarez 108 (10 Rounds WBC Latin Jr. Flyweight Title)

Abraham “Choko” Rodriguez 109 Vs. Alejandro “Pacquiao” Villasenor 108 ( 8 Rounds Jr. Flyweights)

Jerson Aguilar 130 Vs. Adrian “Gallero” Pacheco 129 ( 6 Rounds Jr. Lightweights)

Martin Escamilla 130 Vs. Eduardo “Zurdo” Cruces 131 ( 6 Rounds Jr. Lightweights)

Kevin Salgado 155 Vs. Jose “La Maquina” Briceno 152 ( 4 Rounds Jr. Middleweights)

Ivan “Bam-Bam” Hernandez 125 Vs. Miguel Angel “Estaca” Sandoval 122 ( 4 Rounds Featherweights)

Orlando Carrillo 153 Vs. Luis Franco 152 ( 4rounds Jr. Middleweights)

Venue: Auditorio Blackberry, Mexico City, MX

First Fight: 8:00 PM

Promoter: All Star Boxing, Inc. in association with Productions Deportivas

TV: Telemundo Live 11:35 PM

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