Unselfish work of the WBO in Mexico.

By Pablo Lozano/Press All Star Boxing Inc.

City of Mexico in February 9, 2017. Lic. Rafael López Santos, representative of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) in Mexico and newly appointed member of the Regional Committee Intercontinental accompanied by various champions of the Agency, gave a donation of 9 thousand dollars in two different homes in the city of Mexico and the State of Mexico.

“This money is not Paco (Valcárcel) no mine (Rafael López Santos), this money is boxers climbing to quadrilaterals, which thanks to their professional practice and sports delivery, but the promoter is who takes business, which pays its sanction and hence resources are obtained, becomes a distribution and one of the products is to allocate a portion of the resources to such activities” , said Rafael Lopez Santos.

At noon the first visit was at the Casa Hogar “La Divina Providencia” of Mother Inés, located in the municipality of San Vicente Chicoloapan in the State of Mexico, where children are cared for from infants to most old. In this place was made the delivery of the first 4,500 dollars.

During the visit were the champions such as Cesar “Corazón” Juárez, intercontinental super bantamweight WBO, Moisés Fuentes former double world champion and Carlos “Fino” Ruiz as a Latin super-WBO super monster.

For Latin super-champion champion Carlos Ruiz, “I do not think it’s our job, we should simply humanize everyone, try to do this with our neighbors, close friends, we will always find someone from the street living very close to the colony, maybe , That satisfaction to be able to do it with them and have them close, it is not necessary to come to these places, it would be good that someone to whom you gave the support in a future is the change of the nation.”
In the afternoon, the second donation of $ 4,500 was donated to the Casa Hogar “La Divina Providencia” by Father “Chinchachoma” in the Alamos Colony of Mexico City. In this place is given not only support of room but also educational to the children who find a home there.
In the case of Moisés Fuentes “this is a great pride, first to represent the World Boxing Organization, Paquito Valcárcel and Rafael López Santos, come to these homes to give our grain of sand for all these children who have a Bright future, let’s hope they make a lot of life, because life is giving them another chance. ”
Finally, the intercontinental monarch César Juárez said that “it is very nice that the World Boxing Organization takes up the task of carrying out these activities that greatly favor these homes, the support that is offered is very helpful and I feel moved For being part of this, to come to live with the children, to leave the support that the WBO gives them is very nice for me.

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