By Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez

The night air crackled with tension. In the ring, the two protagonists were engaged in boxing’s equivalent of a chess match – cagey, tactical, back and forth. Then everything changed. The as the category hurricane Valentin detonated a huge right hand, perfectly timed, onto the chin of the challenger Joaquin De La Rosa and the fight was over. The A La Carte Pavilion crowd exploded at the raw, brutal closure of the contest.

There are few sights in sport as shocking and unforgettable as witnessing a one-punch knockout. Boxers have a wide variety of favorite types of punches, and there are many different kinds of knockouts. But what components combine to produce perfection? Is power as important as technique, and does timing beat speed?

The undefeated 22-year-old, Welterweight Sammy “Hurricane” Valentin (10-0, 7 KO’s) from Tampa, Florida. Is one of Florida’s finest prospects who signed a promotional deal with Promoter Felix “Tuto” Zabala from All Star Boxing, Inc. The young warrior returns to the ring on Friday, March 17th in Tampa Florida. To fight for a World Boxing Organization strap It’s no surprise that the young welterweight is constantly improving his thoughts on his return. (Valentin) “Speaking of plans for 2017, the goal was simple for me. “I just want to keep growing and stepping up and achieving my goals. Any man that is in my way, I need to eliminate him,”

“This is the moment. The time is now and we’re ready. My whole team is primed for a great performance. I’m ready to prove that I’m a great fighter”

Photo credits: @dlgimagecreations 

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