Last I Checked You Won A Fight?

Last I Checked You Won A Fight?

Too much has elapsed when you get wind of some Florida fighters fighting again. In some cases you just never know what’s going to happen. When that Fight announcement is made clearly another case of overmatched opponents while the fighter is playing the lead of Mr. Goodbout all over Facebook and Instagram. Training camp mad at the trainer mad at the manager mad at the promoter illuminating so much distractions the fighter gets winded in round one against a (4-15) opponent. It’s just utterly ridiculous the way some fighters behave in the sport.
A man’s choice of foes is what makes a man, continuing to fight soft touches do not make a champion. Boxing on the highest levels see you and won’t allow such tip-toeing through opponents. 

Save yourself from further embarrassment you can get seriously hurt in this sport it is not a game.

I do not loose sleep because I decide to address my personal perception, 19 years covering this sport.