@WBCBoxing Helping to Strike Out Cancer

WBC Helping to Strike Out Cancer

 Everyone knows that Canada is synonymous with the sport of Hockey, but when you mention the sport of Baseball, our friends in the north are usually not the first people that come to mind. On Friday September 2nd through to Monday September 5th in Edmonton Canada, 54 men and 2 women will change that, by attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the World’s Longest Baseball Game for Cancer.

 The brainchild of Dr Brent Saik and his wife Dr Jenelle Saik, this group of ordinary Canadians come together yet again to do the extraordinary, in efforts to save lives by those affected by cancer. Dr Brent’s other world record setting events, the World’s Longest Hockey Game, has been set 5 times by Brent and his friends, which has gone to raise close to $4 million dollars. Those funds have helped purchase cutting edge cancer treatment equipment that saves lives each and everyday. This is their first attempt at setting a new world record in the game of Baseball, where they will attempt to play for 72 straight hours! The inspiration for this game is a game changing technology in the fight against cancer: Immunotherapy.


Immunotherapy is a revolutionary new method of treatment that supercharges the body’s own immune system to seek out and attack cancer cells at a molecular level for short periods of time. This type of treatment forgoes traditional methods of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and focuses on unleashing the body’s own immune system to help heal itself. This type of treatment will become a standard in the new methods of fighting cancer in treatment centers around the world in the coming years, and the WBC has stepped into the ring to help with the fight!


It’s with pride that our very own WBC ring official, David Bilocerkowec, is one of the 56 players who will take the field in this marathon challenge! WBC Women’s Featherweight Champion, Jelena Mrdjenovich, will also be on hand during the game to help raise funds for this event via donated WBC memorabilia items, and to meet with fans as an ambassador of the WBC Cares foundation. WBC officials Michelle Ponich and Cameron Quwek will also be volunteering their efforts at the game. We salute our WBC family members for coming together for such an important and worthy cause.


We ask that our WBC family around the world please visit David’s web link for the event, to learn more about the great work these people are doing, and to offer your support to him in this great event to help strike out cancer!