Crawford-Postol Predictions

Crawford-Postol Predictions

By Damon “LatinBox” Gonzalez 

Photo credits: Mikey Williams/ Top Rank

Las Vegas, NV – The division really needs this fight, I’m excited to see a fight this is a fight Terrence Crawford needs to put him over the hump in terms of earning more respect from the fans all over the world. Crawford is tall, rangy fighter. I think Victor Postol has no choice but to force Crawford into a nasty brawl, he has to show Crawford that he is not invincible anymore.

Crawford has to convince people in this fight, he’s has to dominate Postol with no question, who is the harder puncher will dictate the outcome of this fight, Postol punches well with both hands, but fighting at range he gets hit easily that’s were Crawford needs to keep the fight stay technical and not take risk with Postol, If Crawford keeps his distance and box he will soften Postol up in the later rounds.   

Postol clearly has a gutty attitude coming into this fight; I think he would have a chance if he can stay right in Crawford’s face take the speed and range away from Crawford, but unlikely that is not going to happen. It is definitely an interesting fight, Crawford would have to hope Postol punches himself out, and I suspect Crawford to pull out a unanimous decision victory.