By Damon “LatinBox” Gonzalez 
Photo credits: Alex Menendez 

To many fight facts to consider personally there will be no revised scorecard in this one that will make the Porter or Thurman crowd happy, I’m personally not interested or entertaining the thought of buckling under media pressure.
There is nothing more clear as day then the fact that on June 25th, Thurman-Porter are not looking to put on a boxing exhibition they are clearly looking to climb into the ring at the famous Barclays Center and kick the crap out of each other. 
Shawn “Showtime” Porter one of the smartest fighters around will certainly have his hands full, it’s a prime fight for sure, Porter is elusive; he is good on his foot movement. Thurman on the the counter throws punches from unbelievable angles. Porter has to try different things with him, I don’t think applying “Bully tactics” in this one would benefit Porter at all, Thurman will try to hurt him if he does catching him in his game. 
Porter can punch and boxes well but what makes Thurman most dangerous is his speed and power, I see it as an exiting fight with a shocking ending to it. If Porter wants to win, he has to be smart because going right after Thurman can lead to a very bad ending.


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