By Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez – Ringside 

 St.Petersburg, Florida – The immediate business on the table Saturday nightwas for welterweight Ali Tareh (13-12, 6 KO’s) from Tampa, Florida. To come in a sold out crowed at the Hilton Bayfront in St.Petersburg, Florida. “Turf Wars” presented by MAD Integrity Sports and give a show in-front of all his fans. A fighter who has a good memory and hopes no one else has, fans watched as Juan Aguirre (7-16-1) No KO’s in his carrier quickly jumped right on Tareh right from the opening bell roughing him up from close range Tareh trying to return fire landed a left hand that came with a price as with one wave of Aguirre’s right hand connects and sends Tareh down flat on his back as referee Andrew Glen waves off the fight scoring Aguirre with the KO victory at the official time of 2:59 of round one.  



Fighters building off of their momentum this is what you would hope to see as Raul “El Ciclon De Miami”Chirino (7-2, 3 KO’s) coming off of a four fight winning streak out of eight professional fights collided with an authentic Mexican gang banger that has not stepped into the ring since December of 2014 the hard hitting Jose “Lil Pacquiao” Resendiz (5-0, 3 KO’s) just before the opening bell pacing back and forth in his corner very much so added crafted techniques of intimidation as it appeared. Resendiz was clearly the stronger guy, Chirino on the other hand I don’t think he has great skill he can punch but I didn’t think he would be effective against Resendiz who catches him early on putting him down in round one bringing the crowed to their feet, Resendiz looked to me like a fighter that held in two years of frustration not fighting hitting Chirino with shots all over the place attacking Chirino throughout the series, Resendiz looking at him like he was meat just kept the pressure on referee Dennis DeBon not jumping in letting the attack go watches carefully as Chirino gets hit flush with a hard left hand puts his guard and head down the fight was stopped at 2:03 of round three giving Resendiz the TKO victory.



Super Welterweight Armando “The Gentleman” Alvarez ( 9-0, 5 KO’s) encountered problems at the scale in Friday afternoon’s weigh ins no less Lee “Holliwood” Dawson (2-3-3) took advantage of the situation getting in Alvarez face making his request that he loses the weight, Alvarez complied and did more then make the weight, He answered Dawson in quick cross fire soon as the bell rang going right after Dawson who countered back early on showed a little desperation telegraphing his shots Dawson drops down gets hit with a one two as the second punch glanced the back of his head Dawson holds his hand there looking over to referee Andrew Glen complaining about the shot he was instructed to continue to fight, Alvarez continued to press hard on Dawson landing great body work came up top and blasted Dawson with a hard left hand sending Dawson down hard as his head bounces on the canvas laying him out at the official time of 1:24 of round two giving Alvarez a dramatic KO Victory.   



Heavyweights Jose “The Dream” Medina (2-0, 1 KO’s) defeats Todd Bradley (0-2) by unanimous decision in four rounds , Bradley was under fire quickly as Medina had hopes to punish Bradley on the inside quickly, were he excels, but he found it a difficult task to move in close. Whenever Medina tried to advance, Medina used his distance catching Bradley walking right in he would swing wide Medina was able to pick off the punch and counter with the quicker hands. Medina seemed to be enjoying himself in there as the fight progressed; Bradley just seemed to be the lighter hitter in the contest. All three judges official scores 40-36 for Medina.  



Lightweight Michael Guillen (2-0, 1 KO’s) appeared eager to fight Tampa’s Rafael Rivera (1-2, 1 KO) who comes into the ring with a two year in-inactivity it would seem early on Rivera was in the zone countering right with Guillen sending him down in the first round with a check hook counter, Guillen appeared to be woken up from the shot got into a grove walking straight in punching Rivera was throwing his punches too close putting himself in a position to get caught a lot in the inside. Rounds two and three Guillen stayed in control using a nice jab working his angles, Rivera fighting going straight back beginning to show tare and get hit more frequently by Guillen who stepped hard on the gas in round four landing a hard body shot that hurts Rivera bringing him too his knees Rivera throws up in the ring referee Dennis DeBon stops the contest at the official time of 2:29 of round four giving Guillen the TKO victory.



Super Welterweight Arnold Raynard” Hill (6-10, 4 KO’s) from St. Petersburg, Florida was able to give Rashad Jones (4-7-2, 2 KO’s) all kinds of problems tonight as he beats him to the punch in a majority decision win. Hill a local favorite showed a lot of confidence as Jones early on not set defensively giving Hill an opportunity to walk right in and make him pay, Hill simply being the boss in the fight coming in behind the jab getting close then attacking Jones as Hill’s wicked but wild flurries closes the show, Judges official scores were 39-37(2x) for Hill and 38-38. 



Super lightweight Cuban sensation Yordan Frometa (8-0, 6 KO’s) gave Farkhan “Crazy Russian” Sharipov (4-8, 1 KO) more then what he can chew with a emphatic unanimous decision win over Sharipov, I like what I saw out of Frometa early on rips away ferociously with his left hook, And there wasn’t much Sharipov could do about it, It wasn’t even close Sharipov grabbing the tempo a bit in round two but Frometa was way too active often battered Sharipov’s body dictating the fight loading up with hard right hands Sharipov, I expected more ending in a gun-shy performance as Frometa coasted to the unanimous decision victory, Judges official scores 60-54,60-53,59-55 in favor for Frometa.



Middleweight British banger Steed “The Stallion”Woodall (10-1-1, 6 KO’s) coming off of his only loss back in December 2015 quickly redeemed himself having an intensive training camp in Huston, Texas with veteran trainer Ronnie Shields, It was clear from the opening bell Woodall swung a hatchet at foe – Juan Fernando Raya (2-5, 1 KO) Who was just there.. Woodall with the height and reach advantages turning up the heat in round one and two it appeared Raya wasn’t interested enough in winning the fight he was there just to get hit and he did. Woodall pulverizing left hook in round three kept Raya ducking for cover getting hammered with hard shots Raya could not continue as the bout comes to a halt at 2:40 of round three giving Woodall the TKO victory.    

    Fight notes Victor Kulakovskyi vs Paulie Simpson bout scratched, Simpson failed eye exam.