Photo credits: Mikey Williams TopRank



“Fighting at Madison Square Garden…headlining the event at the Mecca of Boxing is personally historic.


“I love to give back…to my community…to the sport of boxing…and on Saturday night I’m going to give something back to Lundy. I’m going to show him that punches hurt a lot more than words.


“Manny [Pacquiao] is the only fighter in the Top Rank stable who can take me to the next level. [Viktor] Postol is good but only real boxing fans know him. 


“With Lundy, I need to look out for head butts, low blows and elbows. He’s going to get rough in this one. But once he gets careless, and he will, he’s going down.


“Lundy’s trash talk makes me laugh. But I don’t think he’ll laughing too much on Saturday night. Deep down in his soul he knows what he’s in for. He’ll respect me Saturday. Don’t blink. It might be a quick one.”