Support this wonderful young Lady Desirae Help LatinBox support this Family.

Support this wonderful young Lady Desirae Help LatinBox support this Family.

Hello my name is Elizabeth, I am Desirae’s mom. I’m reaching out to the public hoping you all can find it in your hearts to help me on my quest for Desirae to receive HBOT. HBOT( Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is a life saving therapy that was successful for her back in Arizona. Desirae is 26 years old, and at the age of 6 was constantly seizing. She was placed in a medically induced coma to give her brain a rest, as she was seizing continuously. Desi lost her life twice during these critical moments, but she fought and pulled thru everytime! During her stay in the hospital I would search high and low to find answers for this unknown seizure disorder. With my determination I was blessed to meet Oprah Winfrey in Tucson, when our lives changed completely. We were interviewed by every radio station in our town and were on the news. This is where we were made aware of HBOT. The only problem is that it wasn’t covered by insurance for use to treat seizures.
I started doing car washes, car shows, and a special prom for special needs children in our community. My goal was to raise the money needed for this last resort treatment, to try get control over these seizures that have robbed her of a normal life.

Over the course of our treatment the seizures eventually started decreasing in activity and allowed her to start walking with assistance. She began to eat by mouth after years of not doing so. The greatest gift of all, she began to vocalize! What an honor to once again hear that sweet voice, to hear the 2 greatest words “Mom” & “God”. She was alert enough to attend school once again but would continue to seize numerous times a day, as she continues to do today. The damage on her brain is becoming more evident, and the atrophy in her CT scans shows as if she had the brain of an 80 year old person. This was damage caused by so many seizures throughout these difficult 19 years. I am on my mission once again with the power of Almighty God our Savior to give her the opportunity once again to be treated with successful progress as before. Her regression is concerning, for she no longer speaks, her manner of walking is poor, and her seizures are not controlled. With being on the medications for so long, her body is becoming tolerant to the medication regimen, therefore she cannot attend a school or day program. I know that she will benefit and be able to live a better quality of life with successful results with HBOT. I’m a single mother of 6 and will move mountains for my family. I have trusted in the Good Lord Jesus Christ everyday and I live by my faith. i know that we can reach our goal to start treatment once again! We are so blessed to have her with us still today!

Thank you all for your support and we will continue to update you on Desirae’s progress throughout this journey. Not everyone can donate financially, it’s understandable, prayers are welcomed and if you could please help share her story.


Happy Holidays!