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Opening up the @HBOLatino Boxing telecast, Philadelphia’s Tevin “The American Idol” Farmer (20-4-1, 5 KOs) faced Daulis Prescott (29-3, 22 KOs)of Barranquilla, Columbia in a scheduled 10-round super featherweight fight. The exciting match set the pace for the entire night as both fighters refused to give up to the other. However, as the fight progressed Farmer began to wear-down Prescott. In the eighth round, Farmer added another victory to his record as he delivered a devastating blow that KO’d Presscott at .52 seconds of round eight.
Prescott down in rounds four, six and eight

Farmer deducted one point in round six for hitting Prescott while he was down. “I dominated the fight from the first round and right off the bat this is the exact result I was expecting, a victory by knockout,” said Tevin Farmer. “I know myself, I know my power and I feel confident the audience saw that tonight. I want to thank @LouDiBella, my manager Mark Cipparone, HBO, @GoldenBoyBoxing Promotions and my sponsors for all their support. “I was prepared for this fight but I found Farmer difficult to predict,” said Daulis Prescott. “He was a stronger fighter and I couldn’t read him.” @GoldenBoyBoxing @RealOscarDeLaHoya 

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