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In the co-main event crowd favorite, Roy “Pitbull” Tapia (11-0-2, 6 KOs) of East Los Angeles faced off against Juan “La Perla Negra” Hernandez (18-6-1, 9 KOs) of Tijuana, Mexico in a scheduled eight-round super bantamweight bout. Tapia came on strong in round one with unrelenting shots to the body that clearly exhausted Hernandez and had him on his knees early in the match. By round two Hernandez seemed determined to stay in the fight despite fatigue but he was no match for Tapia who won the match in the third round by a knockout. “I wasn’t expecting a knockout but I worked for it, for the win,” said Roy Tapia. “I did things this training camp that I had never done before and it showed. I did strength training and conditioning, and I worked with a nutritionist. I was physically and mentally ready for this fight.” “I felt very prepared for this fight,” said Juan Hernandez. “I had sparred with Ali Gonzalez who had fought Roy and gave him a hard time but, Roy got a good shot at my chin on the third round and knocked me down. That stunned me, and I feel like I really need to work on my defending my chin. I’m going to move down a weight class. I normally fight at featherweight, and I feel stronger at that weight class.”

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