Viloria vs. Soto Make Weight 

@trboxing @UniMas Weights


@bviloria Brian Viloria 112.8 vs. Omar Soto 114.4

Guy Robb 126.2 vs. Edwin Solis 126

William Silva 136.2 vs. Adam Mate 135.4
Abner Lopez 146.8 vs. Daniel Calzada 147

Arnold Barboza 145.6 vs. Lionel Jimenez 149.2

Ryan Bourland 174.4 vs. Israel Duffus 175

Thomas Noel 156.8 vs. Brian Flores 155.4

Photo credits: @chrisfarinaphoto @trboxing 

@MrGardyroots @ToddDuboef @Bradleyajacobs @FrankStea @Boxeolarevista @BobArum @CarlMoretti @JasonMTang @crystinaponcher @4MikeyWilliams @ChrisFarinaphoto @bashboxing

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