@AmirKingKhan vs. @KeithOneTimeThurman 

Report: @latinboxsports 

Graphics credits: @crownboxing 

Spells a lot of Anger and Fury, To Me Thurman the very Best new star to break in the welterweight division, it makes for a riveting fight because Khan will box and push to take the young lion (Thurman) out early but please that would spell for a huge mistake Thurman brings his powerful punches up from nowhere they can hurt you at anytime. Khan yes has mobility but Thurman such a technician at cutting off the ring he will make Kahn less Mobile and make him fight.

No matter what unfolds it’s a key fight Thurman has awfully a huge heart there is clearly something to be said about that. Kahn will use his experience and show no weakness he will fight Thurman back carefully, one other thing about this fight it will show who deserves a shot at the Mayweather sweepstakes. Thurman continues become a threat no matter who he faces right now. I’m personally picking the lion Thurman these fighters have each other to excite fans instead of focusing on TMT Lottery. @premierboxingchampions @swansonpr @swanson_comm 

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