The aguadeño Josean Figueroa gave him his audience what he wanted: a great victory. Super bantamweight 28-year-old an impressive unanimous decision win over toabajeño Jonell Nieves in the eight round clash on Saturday which starred billboard series to the maximum Boxing Miguel Cotto Promotions presented in partnership with the companies signed up H2 Entertainment and Roc Nation in the coliseum Ismael Delgado, of Aguada. With the win, Figueroa, who was coming off a draw with Jose ‘Wonder Boy’ Lopez in his previous presentation, improved his record to 9-3-2 and seven knockouts, while Nieves left hers at 4-2 and three KOs. The judges voted 79-73, 77-74 and 77-74 in favor of the local hero. “It was a war” after the game said coach Nieves, Chelo Oliveras. “It was, but I really did not see it as open as the judges gave unanimous decision.” “Even in the seventh assault, when Jonuel was taking the best part, there was a slip that everyone clearly saw, but the referee sang fall,” he said. “I think after the referee until he realized, but it was too late to reverse their decision.” “I know I gave him a blow and he fell, the worse I do not know whether there was slip,” he said in turn Figueroa, who was fighting for the first time in his village. “What I do know is that when he got up was not stunned.” However, he denied that the fall would have dramatically changed the pace of the fight.

“Yes there were two rounds in which he took control of the fight and won clearly, but not this,” he said. “It was a big fight: the boy came prepared.” And Figueroa also praised public support Aguada. “It felt terrific to have all these people screaming and applauding one,” he said, before calculating that would be at least about 2,500 fans at the Coliseum. “I know all the ‘ringside’ and the boxes were full,” he said. “When Cotto want to come back up here, here we are.” The veteran Commissioner Jose ‘Toto’ Peñagarícano also praised the fight and assistance. “It was a criminal … the most exciting fight of the whole billboard,” she said, “and the court was completely full.”
Meanwhile, moroveño flyweight Carlos Narvaez improved his record to 10-0 and six knockouts when he defeated by wide unanimous decision over veteran starter excontendor aguadeño Omar ‘Pastor’ Soto (15-15-1 now six). “What he did was survive, for their experience,” admitted Carlos Velez coach Soto. “All you have Narvaez is that is big and strong.” On the other hand, the junior welterweight comerieño Kelvin Nieves (now 8-1-1 and four) won by KO’t on Gurabo Javier Garcia (6-9-1 and two) when his opponent did not come out of a fourth assault combat pointed to six episodes. In addition, the prospect Mayaguez Richy Rodriguez knocked in the first assault to super bantamweight debutant Moca. Jonathan Hernandez, to improve to 4-0 with four knockouts.
For its part, the Aguadilla welterweight Javier Flores improved to 12-0 with 11 knockouts to dispatch the minute 36 seconds of the fourth assault in a scheduled eight episodes Jorge Cordero (4-12 and four) of Moca.
In addition, the bantamweight Bayamon, Bryan Chevalier, improved to 4-0 with four knockouts by winning by TKO in the second minute and eight seconds of the first episode of Angel Lopez (now 2-15 and two) of Moca. Meanwhile, the heavyweight of Aguada, Jeffrey Acevedo, improved to 9-1 with eight knockouts when I ordered by TKO at 1:14 minutes of the first assault of Arecibo Jesus Gonzalez (0-4) and lightweight aguadeño Charneco Alexander put his mark 4-1 with four knockouts to break the fast track to 2:27 of the first episode debutant Juan Rojas of Trujillo Alto.
Finally, carolinense featherweight Jose Carmona improved to 1-1 when he knocked technically the initial assault 2:07 newcomer Kelvin Floyd, Aguada. The main bouts will be televised program on Univision on Saturday at 10:30 pm 

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