How does 18-0 sounds?

Great, Im happy with the work we did tonight, I brought happiness to my Country and that its what I wanted to do.


You fought a warrior

Yes we knew he was a tuff opponent , with a lot of experience and we knew it was going to be tuff.


What went to your mind when you knock him and he would come back up?

I was relax, and I was concentrated in the fight, I was trying to hit him to see if it I could end it but , we had to go the long distance, but we did a good job.


How was it to hear you name and Puerto Rico at MSG/

I was awesome , I’m happy with the Puerto Ricans fans , Im proud to be Puerto Rican


You are being compare to Tito Trinidad 

Its an honor to be compare with a star like Tito , someone who gave so much happiness to my Country , I will continue to work hard to get new goals


Whats next?

We have to see how my hand its doing , but we will continue to work hard for the future



It was not 100 % but it was efficient

Yes that’s part of my job but we are happy with the work with did


Message for fans

Continue to support me, you will have Felix for a long time 

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