Report By: Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez

@antoniotarver Camp update: 5 x World Champion Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver sets camp in Miami, Florida. kinda like just next door to Jonathan Banks who is currently training in Ft. Lauderdale. Tarver making intelligent steps in his camp by bringing on long time trainer of the “Warrior” Glen Johnson the acquiring of Trainer Orlando Cuellar @CommanderZero to work with Tarver as he gets set for Sept 29th #GoldenBoyLive clash against Jonathan Banks.

Excitement is in the air at Tarver Camp as Antonio Tarver, Jr. @tarverjr gets set to make his long time waiting professional debut at the @statefarmarena
Tarver,Jr. is clearly a boxer but can slug it out with the best of them, It builds up to be awesome to have a father and son featured on a professional fight card. Presented by @goldenboyboxing and @foxsports1 @coronaboxing
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