@Latinboxsports caught up with a few fighters a week before the showdown between Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez on June 7 Live from @HBOBoxing PPV @MadisonSquareGarden

Otis “TripleG” Griffin: Martinez mw too big for Cotto. This is Cotto/trout all over : southpaw faster, more power, more knowledge.

Radivoje”HotRod” Kalajdzic:
Martinez by TKO late rounds better boxer better speed better foot movement he gone bust Cotto up if he is 100%

Derric Rossy: It’s a tough one I love Cotto but if Martinez can still move around the whole fight he is gonna make it hard. I say Cotto I think he is back to his old self he will bring that signature left hook to the body and break Martinez down. It’s still going to be a great fight.

Randall Bailey:
I like Cotto he gonna be stronger coming up in weight & i think he will be fresher in later rounds.

“Fast”Eddie Chambers:
I’m gonna go with Martinez… because, I’m not sure if Cotto would be able to hurt Martinez moving up to that weight.. then again Martinez looks to be on the down side of his Career… then again so is Cotto even though he has looked pretty good lately..
Also Martinez can Box and has good Speed with Sharp Power and I’m not sure if Cotto will be able to deal with that at this weight..

Jeff”Left Hook” Lacy: I’m leaning towards Martinez. A dangerous fight for Cotto. He’s giving up too much size, I think.

Frankie Galarza,Jr.:
I’m picking Martinez because he’s naturally bigger and he can fight but he hasnt been the same since Chavez so it’s up in the air.

Jerry Belmontes:
I’m going with cotto cause martinez last few fights didn’t look good.

Edner Cherry: I like Martinez, Better boxer he will pick Cotto apart and he is smarter fighter.

Alphonso Black:
I like Martinez because of his awkward style and can throw punches from angles u can not see coming he has great defensive reflexes and this will frustrate cotto a lil bit I believe Martinez will get knockdown but he will get right back up to fight like his last three fights.

Lenroy”TNT” Thomas:
Honestly Cotto! I believe he will used is boxing kills. But Martinez had puncher chance, with his whilst style of boxing. Cotto have to be on his A game, I like Cotto tuff mentality, and smart in the ring. Martinez last fight shows to beat you gave to keep the preacher on him. Even though he pull it out in the end. Cotto his more experience, so if he hurt Martinez he’s going to finish him.

Ruben Ozuna:
Martinez is the better boxer,But I wasn’t impressed with him in his last fight. So if I was to bet I’d put my money on Cotto. He’s determined, was vicious in his last fight, and he Fought Mayweather beautifully and Mayweather being the best Boxer in the sport. I also think Cotto will come in with a vengeance to make history. So Cotto all day!

Amos Cowart: Man that’s a tough one if Cotto fights like he did his last he gas a good chance , but then again Martinez is southpaw and is really good .

Noemi Bosques: Cotto… Boricua power! That’s why lol

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