By Damon”Latinbox”Gonzalez
Photo Walter”Butch”Flansburg

Tampa – In a hard fought battle between two young warriors Antonio “El Tostado” Tosdado (13-2, 6 KO,s) wins the @Worldboxingorg WBO Latin Bantamweight title against Jonathan “Pitbull” Vidal (17-2, 9 KO’s) i front of a sold out crowed at the A La Carte Pavilion in Tampa, FL. Presented by All Star Boxing, Inc. Boxeo Telemundo.

Round 1: The Puerto Rican vs. Mexican bout Tostado starts off quick with a jab Vidal explodes back with a hard right hook to the body then to the head sending Tostado off balance, both fighters continue to work in the center of the ring fighting in close quarters, Tostado had his moment at the end of the round catching Vidal cleanly with a hook to the face.

Round 2: Tostado trying to cut the ring opening the round, Vidal backing off now to the straight right of Tostado, Vidal with a quick uppercut lands on the tough Tostado who continues to work controlling his range catching Vidal who concerns me walking right in to punches early in the series.

Round 3: Videl starts by trying to load up his left hand on Tostado meets him with a nice combination to the head, Tostado looking to hook in the center of the ring with Vidal ho looks to me like his pace has really slowed down.

Round 4: Vidal jumps right in attacks with a big overhand right that lands clean on Tostado who continues to come forward and engage fire with Vidal, Vidal to me is throwing his punches to wide that’s why Tostado appears to be having the better round.

Round 5: Tostado jumps in jabbing his way in catching Vidal who responds with a hard shot to the body, Tostado would have better success if he placed his right hand behind the jab, Vidal finding a little more range setting his feet and timing Tostado better as he comes in.

Round 6: Tostado hits Vidal with authority landing a hard right hand Vidal takes it well, But it’s Tostado having his way in the round Vidal just not moving side to side getting caught too much by Tostado uppercut in the round.

Round 7: Tostado really stepping on the gas as the fight continues Vidal not able to get away from his fast counter attempts and hard aggression, Vidal clinching Tostado up after his gun fire of attacks.

Round 8: Tostado needs to close the gap, Vidal trying to make it happen with 1 – 2 punches not being to successful, But was able to work by throwing sharp left hooks to the head of Tostado.

Round 9: Vidal needs to make Tostado defensive minded as Vidal moves more getting cleaner looks catching Tostado, Both fighting small throughout the fight Vidal just giving up his hight , but lands a big right hand that sends Tostado back as he puts his hands up and wars with Vidal in the center of the ring.

Round 10: Final round action Tostado lands a huge right hand as the counter punches in the center of the ring Vidal slips on the canvas, Action continues Tostado still touches Vidal up with nice uppercut, Vidal rally’s catches Tostado flush with a right hand both fighters let it all go in the center of the ring.

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