By Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez
It clearly is time to face the facts the Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (31-0, 12 KO’s) is one of the very best welterweights in the world, In a grudge match this past Saturday against Juan Manuel Marquez, He was clearly on a mission using his hand speed and good jab fought his heart out against the legendary Marquez. In my opinion don’t look any further as Adrian “The Problem” Broner (27-0, 22 KO’s) steps into the ring on Saturday December 14th at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas against the hard hitting Marcos Maidana (34-3-0, 31 KO’s) It is clear that Broner a great entertainer with his talk has to back it up and show the boxing world what he is truly made of.
Here is Broner’s opportunity to fight like he belongs, But if he thinks that he will have it easy come again. Broner keys in the fight with Maidana he must go out create imbalance through movement and faints, then try to catch Maidana, In my opinion to do anything else would not be too wise however he must Box and work to his advantages. I’m going to give Broner a Unanimous decision over Maidana only to say the next level is yet to come.
I just paint the thought of a Timothy Bradley vs. Adrian Broner PPV super fight in February or March of 2014. I am personally ruling out the idea of a Mayweather-Bradley match up clearly because there is too much reality of Un- finished business in the Welterweight division.
Broner at this point has a little more to prove in competition, His December 14th matchup is clearly no fluke, and can set up a great rivalry with Bradley, I see an existing very entertaining matchup of styles between them both it to me is more of a offensive fight then a defensive fight.
Bradley-Broner will bring the best in themselves and boxing cannot overlook the potential to be a classic fight, Bradley extends his reign and Broner can get his shot in the division to really say he is number one.

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