Jay Solmiano 140. Ranked 9 the by WBO. Shown with Vice President of Operations at One Punch Boxing Promotions & Management, Solmiano agrees to terms of a Promotional deal with One Punch Boxing. @OnePunchBoxing #FilipinoBoxing


Fighters of Faith


Tampa – LatinBox Communications is proud to announce “Fighters with Faith” Jerett White, Noemi Bosques & Lenroy Thomas will have a trio Exclusive Interview with Overflow Magazine Ministries, This will take place with in a few weeks Overflow Magazine Ministry is a free publication that can be found as you exit Publix Supermarkets throughout the Tampa Bay Area, I am delighted that this athletes of dedicated there time too there ministries, there fans and most of all the Love if God. Release should be August or Septembers issue we shall keep you posted.



By Damon “LatinBox” Gonzalez
Photo: Robert Richards
Tampa, FL – It’s not too soon to tell how boxing would look at Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy surge to return to the ring this August.

Personally, I would like to see him fight and win, it is his right to make a lasting mark in this game, Not a natural killer in the ring, Lacy’s a thinking man’s fighter, sometimes he was knocked for not giving the best effort, but a fans reality of a superman in the ring is not what makes up boxing, well he didn’t move enough or jab enough or punch enough, Clearly his (25-4-1, 17 KO’s) didn’t come as a fluke, Lacy rain in 2004 by capturing the Super Middleweight IBF Title by knocking out Syd Vanderpool in Vegas showed that he has been there and done that, Fighters pass threw overwhelming changes in the sport of Boxing Lacy has weathered many category storms and still by the looks of his professional dedication and hard work ethic still has plenty of fight left.

Lacy is certainly a chess player in the ring he demonstrates the ability to control the space he needs until he finds the right point of attack.

With the recent signing with One Punch Boxing Promotions & Management clearly if you stop and think about it Jeff Lacy is in a great position his best ring tool is he is intelligent and will give his all.

His direction appears to contribute to the evolution of the sweet science not get caught up in the hype of a sport that rides a roller coaster, average fans focused on worshiping the highest paid moneymaker fighters and easily forget how great boxing is. Fame doesn’t appear to be Lacy’s drive he is focused on preparation and performance it is refreshing to see a veteran fighter driven on the art and not the politics of the sport.

Lacy certainly has not forgotten we’re he came from, the boxing public can analyze this Jeff Lacy is not going to go away, Boxing is way more then the glitter on the trunks, The fighter will fight its easy too badly misunderstand somebody but he will stand in the middle of the ring this August and fight.

Middleweight Manny “Shake Em Up” Woods (11-3-1, 4KO’S) wins a close one to Angel Martinez (3-4-3) In round one Angel Martinez fought Woods in the center of the ring making Woods fight, Landing the more effective punches in the early minutes of the round, Woods rallied late with straight right hands but not enough to match the busier Martinez. Woods came out in round two with an overhand right that landed flush on Martinez face, Both fighters came together exchanging blows in the center of the ring, Woods attacked with a hard uppercut followed by an overhand right to Martinez that is keeping Woods very close. Woods long reach help neutralize Martinez bull-like rushes in the 3rd round, Tho Martinez is still scoring in the inside Woods adapted by attacking Martinez back toe to toe lil tuff to score I have 3 even. In round 4 Woods looking for the home-run punch, Martinez keeping him close throwing hooks to Woods face, I would like to see Woods move his head more maybe fight Martinez tall by establishing more jabs, instead Woods jumps right back inside with the gain Martinez, who appears to be more patient with his shots, Woods right eye blowing up from Martinez right hand, Martinez finding his way in the later part of this fight. Martinez could not get a knock out so went to the score cards I had it a majority draw.


Light Heavyweights Radivoje Kalajdxic (11-0, 7 KO’s) wins by a DQ of Donta Woods (8-1-1, 7 KO’s) Both fighter demonstrated their will in round one, Donta Woods not fazed by the attack of Kalajdxic hung in there and traded blows with him in the center of the ring, Woods showing good movement slipped his left hook inside backing Kalajdxic momentarily responding quickly. In the second round the fight heated up, Woods stayed in close throwing combinations to the body and head of Kalajdxic who showed his power punch landing a explosive hook that dropped Woods to the floor, Woods got up by the count as both fighters met in the center of the ring to exchange in a bizarre stoppage as Woods trainer jumped up on the matt while both fighters were fighting in attempt to stop the fight Woods trainer jumped in the ring the referee quickly waved off the bout ruled as a DQ for Woods.


The opening bout Jr. Middleweight Alphonso Black goes to (7-0-1, 4 KO’s) after a devastating TKO 1:29 of the 2nd round sending Artie Bembury falling right threw the ropes. Black came out quick attacks coming in with the jab and hooks to the body of Artie Bermbury who has been unable to answer the quicker assault from Black.


Noemi Bosques (2-0, 1KO) giving Monica Flores (3-1, 1 KO) a lot to chew with the unanimous decision win. In the 1st round, Flores came out with a Sharpe jab to the face of Bosques who quickly made the adjustment jumped right in and started throwing hooks to the face of Flores who got caught a few times in the exchange. Round 2, Bosques left hook found a home both fighters continued to war it out on the ropes Flores suffered a head butt in a clash of heads with Bosques. A sharp lead right hand Bosques right away jumped on Flores backing her up with aggressive shots to her swelled up eye. Both fighters exchange in round 3 Flores making her presence felt by countering Bosques right jab, close round to score I have it 2-1 Bosques. The talented St.Pete fighter Bosques stepped on the gas closing out the 4th round throwing hard shots to the face of the tired Flores who put up a good fight, all three judges score the bout 40-36 for Bosques.