BOMBS AWAY AT THE BAY WEIGHTS FROM ST. PETE, FLORIDA By Damon”LatinBox”Gonzalez Photo: Kareem Muarry Clarence Booth 144.4 vs. Juan Aguirre 148.4 Aguirre 2.4 over the limit Moises Carasquillo 159 vs. Darrell Eacholes 158.6 Travis Reeves 190.6 vs. Michael Bissett 192.4 Paulie Simpson 145.6 vs. Xavier Lugo 143.4 Carlton Hammonds 196.4 vs. Dan Bolden 195.6 Tony Morris 146.8 vs. Jose Angel Sanchez 147 Tommy Logan 131.4 vs. Juan Puerta 139.4 Esaie Estimar 153 vs. Darell Jones 147.4 Promoter: One Punch Boxing/MAD Integrity Fight Sports Venue: Hilton Bayfront St.Pete First fight starts at 8:00 p.m


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