By Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez
Photo: Robert Richards/RMR

St.Petersburg, Florida – He looks to bring out the best in himself, after a few years away from boxing Former Super Middleweight World Champion Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy (25-4, 17 KO’s) For a long time Lacy has been away from the ring since his loss to Dhafir Smith in 2010. He can no longer be denied, boxing critics were quick to judge him like a pair of Blood-Stain trunks or fighter that has lost a step.

Here what Lacy decides to do about all that, In front of a packed crowed of press at the ONYX Night Club with Promoter Roy Cruz from One Punch Boxing Promotions & Entertainment signs Jeff Lacy to a fight contract, Vice President of One Punch Boxing Nick Sityar J.D. Opens the press conference by saying “Lacy still has it…As far as energy and skill it doesn’t get better then Jeff Lacy, My visit too Dan Birmingham St. Pete Boxing Club I watched Jeff work extremely hard and looks in great shape’.

Sityar also stated that Lacy is what we are looking for in a fighter, We want him and all our fighters to bring action to the game, We want our boxing audience to come back and ask when are we going to see another One Punch Boxing show and Jeff fits right in.

“Jeff is not a board fighter he brings it on, he attacks and the end of the day that is a perfect fit for us, we have the foundation to bring exiting boxing back to Florida. We have fighters Clarence Booth, Bryant Perrella the missing peace is that big name Ladies and gentleman that big name is Jeff Lacy and we are here to say we got him.

Jeff Lacy: I am glad to be with One Punch Boxing Promotions, anytime I’m in that ring win, lose or draw your goanna get my heart and soul out of that fight trust me on that, I plan on getting back into the ring August 24th of this year. I learned so much about myself and my last few fights I fought angry not intelligent it is a new time and I feel great and ready to fight, My hands will do all my talking.

Roy Cruz – Promoter: Thanks Nick VP of One Punch Boxing Promotions for negotiating this deal with Lacy, and matchmaker Juan Martinez who is a huge part of the future of One Punch Boxing Promotions, He is goanna make it happen for that opponent to meet Lacy in the Ring, We have to do what’s best for Jeff hopefully we get 1, 2, and 3 and many other exiting fights from him and that’s what we want I am proud to be sitting here right next to Jeff Lacy.

Lacy made it clear at this time he is not looking for a title shot it’s a process he is grateful to put the gloves on again and fight proudly. Being able to get back into the ring and show people he is fighting, there is a number of world class fighters he can beat, Lacy training like a beast the few years off still has the elusiveness and athleticism to punch make no mistake about it.

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