FightNight Productions On the passing of Emanuel Steward


“On behalf of everyone at Fight Night Productions, we are extremely sadden
by today’s news of Emanuel Steward’s passing. We were fortunate enough to
come in contact with Mr. Steward here in Tampa, when he was training Miguel
Cotto. During that time, it was a pleasure to watch him work. You could see,
and hear, his passion for the sport of boxing in every training session, and
he was always willing to help a fighter who was willing to learn. Beyond
that, and even more impressive, was the type of person he was. He treated
everyone he came in contact with care and respect. He was just a genuinely
good man, who also happened to be one of the best boxing trainers his sport
has ever seen. He will be missed greatly.”

Aaron Jacobs
Promoter FightNight Productions

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Editor of LatinBox Communications

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