Weights From Tampa, Fl.

Quinton Willis 154.8 vs. Wilky Campford 156.2
Luis Ortiz 234 vs. Ruben Rivera 270
Sherali Dostiev 125 vs. Carlos Rivera 130.6
Umberto Savigne 178.6 vs. Amador Acevedo 176.8
Vilier Quinonez 170 vs. LD Herbert 159.4
Kadel Martinez 122.4 vs. Shane Tenney 123
Frank Gedeon 152.6 vs. Miguel Canales 152.8
Yoandris Salinas 122.8 vs. Angel Lopez 125.4

Promoter: OnePunch Productions
Venue: DoubleTree Westshore
1st Bell: 7:30 p.m.

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